Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If You Buy It, You Will Eat

I know that yesterday I said that I would put away the chips and candy I bought on sale until we have Family Movie Night on Friday.  Well, late last night those Doritos started calling me.  "Come and get us," they screamed.  "We're so delicious.  You know you want us NOW"  I couldn't resist the sirens call and wound up hating myself for eating at least a third of a large bag of Doritos in the middle of the night.

Like Kevin Costner in "A Field of Dreams," I learned that if you take certain steps, the inevitable will happen.  He built a ball park, and the ghostly players came to play.  I bought Doritos, and I ate them.  It was a no brainer.  However, in my perfect world brain, I really thought that I could have chips in the house and not eat them immediately.  Even though they were a good buy, for me the chips were not a good idea.

Ironically, when I was broke, I ate a lot better.  My snacks were homemade, and not as plentiful.  I never thought that I would say this, but for me, poverty is much more healthy. Who knew?

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