Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Clearance Bin at Big Lots

There were some very good deals at Big Lots today, unfortunately I couldn't buy anything because the line was too long, and I was going to be late for an appointment.  If I can get back tomorrow, and they're still there, I will try to scoop up whatever is left of the Easter decorations which are now on clearance for 90% off the original price.  There were packs of beautiful metallic eggs on sale for 60¢.  I want to use them for our church's annual Easter egg hunt, but they can easily be used as year round decorations for the coffee table or dining room table. Also, they have 8 packs of Peanut Butter PopTarts on clearance for 85¢. I'm in no danger of pigging out on these snacks because I can't eat peanuts.  If I buy them, these will be for the kids, and they will last about two hours tops.

I hope that you are able to find something that you can stock up on for next year. Plain plastic eggs were about $2 before Easter this year, so paying 60¢ for fancy ones now will be a big savings later.

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