Sunday, August 24, 2014

For Coupon Newbies, Don't Throw Your Coupons Away

If you have today's Sunday paper, it should have included two coupon booklets.  The first is titled "Redplum" (see the top left side of the booklet).  The second one is titled "Smart Source Magazine".  Both have some really high value coupons inside, so don't throw them away.  You can write today's date on the covers and then put them aside until you see a sale on a product that matches one of the coupons in the booklets, or you might see a message from a couponing blog like this one saying that a coupon can be found in the August 24 Redplum (RP) or Smart Source (SS).  An alternative would be to go through them both and cut out the coupons you think you might use. You can store your clipped coupons in an envelope for right now, or go to Dollar Tree and get a coupon folder.  Later on you can develop a more elaborate system.

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