Friday, April 25, 2014

Shopping from the Freezer and Cupboards, Part Two

This is my day to treat myself after working with one of the ministries at my church for part of the morning.  This afternoon, I went to McDonald's and took advantage of the promotion that they had on their phone app which was for a free large sandwich with any purchase. So, I bought a large diet coke for $1 and ordered a Big Mac for free.  My total for this treat was $1.09!  I bought the mix for the molasses cookies back in January when all the Christmas merchandise was on sale at Target for 75% off.  I think I paid 80¢ for the package that makes up to 2 dozen cookies.  The rest of my meals came from home.

Breakfast:  Cereal and milk or yogurt
Lunch:  Big Mac and Diet Coke, 1/2 muffin and fruit salad (courtesy of the church ministry)
Dinner:  Cranberry beans and ham, cornbread, salad
Snack:  Watermelon, Molasses cookies

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