Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My $6 Walgreen's Haul

Original spending plan for 4/14

Transaction 1
1 Morton Epson Lotion. $6. OOP.   plus tax  Get back $6 RR

Transaction 2
Domino Sugar 4 LB Bag 1.89 with store coupon
Oral B Toothbrush 2.99 with .75 /1 MC   Get back $2 RR
2 Cartons eggs @ .99 each. 1.98
Total $6.11
Use $6  RR from transaction 1.
Pay .11 OOP plus tax

Transaction 3
2 packs Jello pudding with store coupon $1
3 Russell Stover Easter Eggs  @ 3/$1
Total $2.
Use $2 RR from transaction 2.
Pay .00 OOP

THIS week's haul was going to be all about preparing for Easter.  However, I had to make some changes due to some items being unavailable.  Yesterday's haul from Walgreen's came as a slight surprise because the register reward that was supposed to print out for the Morton Epson Lotion did not print.  Instead of an RR the manager told the clerk to give me the bottle of lotion for free. This allowed me my first .00 receipt in a long time, plus a little more flexibility in what I could purchase.

Since my main reason for shopping was to buy the.99 eggs, I had to make my next transaction at another Walgreen's.  The eggs are selling out fast, so if you need some, you'd better hurry, or go to Target where they have them for the same price.  Well, the next store only had one dozen eggs left, so I changed my original plan.  I bought two packs of McCormick taco seasoning for a dollar instead of the second cartoon of eggs.  I bought 4 Russell Stover candies instead of 3 and left out the toothbrush because I already have enough of those.  I purchased everything in transactions 2 and 3 together in one transaction (minus the tooth brush), and my total came to $6.22.  Although I still want the eggs, I need the taco mix for Saturday's dinner.  I'm more than satisfied with my little Easter haul.

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